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Project Description
SPImageCache is a SharePoint 2010 image processing framework.
It allows different image transformation based on its URL.
This project was inspired by Drupal ImageCache module.

The main idea of SPImageCache is that it applies preconfigured action on image based on its (image) URL.
For instance, let’s pretend that there is an image romashka.jpg in a root folder in a pictures library called “Pictures” on our SharePoint site.
Its URL will be http://websiteurl/Pictures/romashka.jpg
Suppose we got SPImageCache installed on our site and have configured our own preset to rotate image clockwise by 90 degrees and call it “rotate90”. Then if we request this image by modified like this http://websiteurl/imagecache/rotate90/Pictures/romashka.jpg URL, we will apply our “rotate90” action to this image. SPImageCache will create new rotated clockwise by 90 degrees image in imagecache library. And it will be accessible by URL above.
This modified URL could be used anywhere on the site to display images modified as we configured.
Also if original image changes, SPImageCache will update modified image in imagecache library.

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